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The first page of Google Search Results can be very very competitive.  Particularly for search terms such as 'office space to rent' and 'serviced offices to rent'.  Due to the high level of competition, the cost to run Google Ads for search terms related to office rentals, is quite pricy.  The ideal is for your website to obtain a front page listing, within the organic (free) search results, to consistently attract potential customers without having to purchase ongoing Google Ads.  

Google normally only provides 10 positions on the homepage for organic (free) search results.  However with Google Maps, some search terms provide an additional 3 organic positions or spots near the top of the page!

Example Search Term: 'Serviced Offices to Rent'

As can be seen from the screenshot below, the Google Search Page displays the following when searching for 'serviced offices to rent' (https://www.google.co.za/#q=serviced+offices+to+rent):

  • 4 paid adverts at the top of the page

  • followed by 3 organic (non paid) map results

  • then 10 spots for organic (non paid) search results, followed by another

  • and lastly another 3 paid ads

Working with 96 on Fourth, Serviced Office Space, Flourysh uses the Google Map listing to obtain a front page listing for 'serviced offices to rent'.  The image below highlights the listing obtained.

A map listing within a Google search is very valuable as the listing is visible on the map and above the organic search results.

The search results also include additional details such as contact number, opening times, link to businesses website and directions.  Google will attempt to serve the most relevant map listings on the search page based on the search keywords and location of the search.

Flourysh assists clients to take ownership of their Google Maps location, update it to ensure the correct details are displayed as well as create a Google Plus page for the business with regular updates and content.  Implemented in conjunction with a long term online strategy provides additional visibility for the client's business on Google.