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We all know that Social Media is a fast paced, ‘get it while its hot’ entity that sends information rich content directly to its fans quicker and with more gusto than any other channel known to man.

At Flourysh, we believe in educating our clients on how to recognise a hot topic that would boost their Facebook business page popularity and receive the attention it requires in order to climb in numbers. 

Just a few days ago our Zimbabwean based client, Big Sky Supplies, discovered a topic so hot and so new, that it hit their fans first via their business page before the news even reached the Papers!  Needless to say, this post took off; with Big Sky Supplies’ sales soaring to new heights.  A great way to kick off 2016, don’t you think?  

As soon as we recognised the true power of this content rich post, we grabbed it by its proverbial horns and boosted it to the desired target audience.  

Upon receiving feedback that Big Sky’s sales had increased, we doubled the Ad spend.
To date, this has been one of our most successful boosted post on Facebook; with a winning combination of a hot topic (relevant to fans) an available budget and a carefully, well selected target audience.

Take a look at what Sean, the owner of Big Sky Supplies had to say:
"The post generated a LOT of business as motorists scrambled to comply. We're starting to see daylight and will stop posting again tomorrow."