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LinkedIn is a business orientated social networking platform which offers tools for B 2 B communication and sales.

A company can have their own 'Page' on LinkedIn (similar to a Facebook Business Page) where content, photos and updates are posted. 

To help companies reach their target market, Flourysh assists to identify potential customers on LinkedIn, purchase ads and then measure results.  The content is of interest to the relevant target market and aligns with the companies' online marketing goals.

An advantage of LinkedIn ads compared to Facebook Ads, is the ability to reach customers based on more detailed business functions such as Job Title, Industry, Management Level & Company Size.

While the Ad Campaign is running, LinkedIn provides feedback related to the demographics of the potential customers who are clicking on the ads.  The image above is from a campaign Flourysh is running, on behalf of one of our clients, to reach reach engineering, operations, logistics & construction managers in large companies based in Johannesburg & Cape Town.


The feedback from LinkedIn assists to ensure that the correct target market is being reached and the ad budget effectively allocated.