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Social Media 101 & Web Advertising 

Facilitated & Designed by CPRP (PRISA) Tracy J Margetts


Use the best working parts of social media to grow your business in 2018 and beyond!



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Not sure where to start with your online advertising?

There is any number of online advertising options today, from paid ads to free posts on many different ad platforms and social networks. Good advertising can help your business, but it’s difficult to know where to start or where to focus. Is Facebook worth it? What’s the difference between SEO and AdSense? How do you improve your ranking on search engines?  How do you measure if you’re getting results from your online advertising?




Introducing Online Advertising and Social Media 101

(1-day, 2-day or 3-day courses available)

This short course covers the essentials you need to know to navigate online advertising and social media for your business. We draw on our experience as a digital agency to equip you with the information you need to make decisions for your business. We start with the basics and fundamentals as a sturdy foundation for your Social Media 101 course.  We focus on what is most important for your businesses ROI’s. You’ll leave this course knowing where to focus your efforts for maximum results, with hands-on practical experience.




Take a look at what’s included:

  1. Introduction to Digital Media & Social Media.

  2. What is Digital Media & Social Media & how does it all work?

  3. What is Digital Brand Management & its use in Social Media? (Best platforms, best practices)

  4. Social Media 101, hands-on practical (creating, updating, managing Facebook, CRM & marketing campaigns).

  5. Daily Tests, tasks & assessments.

  6. Questions & answers, 6-week Assignment, ongoing guidance & support.




What does this course look like?

1. This course is designed to be action-packed, based on real experiences and case studies as well as academic knowledge & theories.  For example, we will:

a. Use previous client campaigns & success stories as a ‘how to’ guide

b. Use current industry knowledge gathered by certified professionals

c. Provide hands-on experience in VIP Social Media platforms

d. Gain practical knowledge & walk away with valuable Social Media management skills 

2. This course is designed to provide delegates with written material, and practical guidance and experience in all aspects of Social Media management. 

3. The course starts with an Introduction to Digital Media and Social Media. 

4. Next, we cover What is Digital Media & Social Media & how does it all work? 

5. What is Digital Brand Management & its use in Social Media? (Best platforms, best practices). 

6. Social Media 101, hands-on practical (creating, updating, managing Facebook, CRM & marketing campaigns). 

7. We end each day with tests, tasks & assessments. 

8. Questions & answers, 6-week Assignment, ongoing guidance & support.




Why this course?

Social Media and Websites & Mobi Sites have become the number 1 advertising and marketing platforms used globally, and it is by far the most affordable form of engaging with your audience and advertising your brand & products reaching far and wide.

In our comprehensive and hands-on course, you will learn the benefits of spending less time & money on other forms of media to advertise your brand.

You will learn how to accurately and easily measure results from your advertising activities.

Welcome a consistent brand presence, 24/7, Social Media never stops.

Create happier customers through a more responsive online presence.

And how to let potential customers find you with ease.




About your instructor

Tracy J Margetts | CPRP | PRISA

Your instructor, Tracy, is based at Flourysh. Flourysh is an end-to-end digital agency situated in JHB.   Tracy has over 10-years’ experience in the digital sphere and has specialized in Social Media, Web design (SEM), blogging, SEO, PPC, Social Media Branding and Public Relations in the digital realm.  Tracy is a qualified and active Chartered Public Relations Practitioner through PRISA (Public Relations Institute of South Africa).

Website: www.flourysh.com.




Who would benefit from this course?

Beginner to intermediate delegates who are involved in the following areas of business:

  1. Public Relations Professionals

  2. Communications Officers

  3. Social Media Managers (content creator, brand manager, content marketer etc)

  4. Business owners / Entrepreneurs

  5. Marketers

  6. Advertisers

  7. Graphic Designers / DTP’s




Frequently Asked Questions:

 Is there a test at the end of the course? Yes.  We focus on providing you with real-world, practical examples with which we will provide daily tests & a 6-week assignment, which you can then apply to your business’ day to day Social Media tasks.

Will I be ‘Social Media Savvy’ at the end of the course? Yes, depending on your ability to grasp the outlined course and its practical experience, you should definitely be more than Social Media Savvy!



If you want to get the most out of your brand’s online presence, learn how to successfully create and manage your Social Media accounts, and get the most out of your ROI’s, then come and join us!  We are a fun bunch, with lots of experience and guidance with which to share.


E-mail: tracy@flourysh.com


Call OR Whatsapp Tracy on 0766582755 for more details on how to register.


Course location: (1) 96 on Fourth, Sandton, or, (2) PROPSYS, Honeydew (location is dependent on the number of delegates).



Visit: www.flourysh.com